An Inconvenient Truth

October 18, 2006

‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.’  This was said by Upton Sinclair and possibly one of reasons why the concept of climate crisis has not sunk into the human psyche. There are a lot of things that we hear and think that we understand without ever really being able to comprehend what we are understanding. Examples of this are the fact that a particles can be in 2 places at the same time, that space is expanding at the speed of light, that there are billions of galaxies etc.. Climate crisis is another and because of its apocalyptic potential end state people’s minds are not able to properly deal with the information and even though they may know the facts and even see the consequences they will fail to see their part in what can be seen as nature’s cycle (although not by any serious scientists or commentators)

The film sets out very clearly the evidence with Al Gore achieving a charismatic charm that he always lacked when he was a politician. It is as if he leaving politics has freed him to be himself. It is expertly put together and the switching between shots of the changing world climate and Al Gore presenting was brilliantly done. The content was also very good. Having seen Fahrenheit 911 which dumbed down to its American audience (or maybe just Michael Moore’s level) here he does not mince his words or patronize his audience. He starts be confirming that all the evidence suggests that we are causing the huge rise in CO2 in our atmosphere and that this is not part of a natural cycle but something that the world has not seen in the last 650000 years, not even close as it turns out. He also shows that fluctuations in CO2 are closely linked with huge shifts in the temperature of the earth, inducing both ice age and drought on most of the world.

The film highlights the potential consequences of inaction namely the melting of the ice in the Artic but more dangerously the Antarctic and Greenland  because the are land ice masses. This could lead to a big rise in sea levels and possibly also more worryingly it could stop the gulf stream which ironically could cause an ice age in Northern Europe. Thankfully he ends with some ideas on what WE can do to make a difference such as conserving electricity, consuming with a conscience, and reducing air miles. He believes that if we all make small adjustments now that we will be spared the worst effects of climate change but also continue to enjoy our current lifestyles. 



  1. truth? you don’t know how to tell the truth

  2. DUNCAN McCANN why do tell sooooo many lies? is it only people you know on a social basis? or do you tell lies to everyone you know? Having witnessed you talking total untruths – easily tested by reality – it would seem you believe I am tooo stupid to test the truth of what you say. I find this disrespectful and it makes you seem false, shallow and basically a bit of nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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