Trance Parties

October 18, 2006

As the winter draws in the Indoor party scene is really kicking off. After months of parties being few and far between there are now quality events happening every weekend. Here is my choice of the best coming up in the next month

Friday 20th October – Echosystem at SE ONE
This should be an excellent night of mainly progressive trance with a bit of psy for good measure. They are bringing over an excellent Israeli act called Ace Ventura who are about to release their debut album on Iboga records along with veteran Zen Mechanics doing a dj set which will probably cross the line between the 2 genres. They will be backed up by DiscoStu, Hamish and Hazza in the mainroom. There will of course also be a chillout room populated with quality djs

Saturday 21st October – Atlantis at The Colloseum
12 hours of partying here with 2 rooms of trance one focusing on the progressive side and one of the more full on psychedelic side. In the full on room there will be 3 live acts with Silent Sphere the main highlight. The progressive room will be headlined by the Domo records crew of Assaf and Buju who always spin fantastic tunes. They will be supported by a whole host other djs from the London underground scene

Friday 27th October – Twisted Records 10th Birthday at The Renaissance Room
A quick mention because it has a great lineup of fullon, classic goa trance and downbeat. The highlights for me will be Green Nuns of he Revolution and Slinky Wizard who will be reuniting specially for the evening. Also the downbeat rooms will be showcasing some of the best production around

Friday 3rd November – Ear Peaks & Frollic at The Renaissance Rooms
What a fantastic night this will be. Human Traffic live, Mapusa Mapusa and Symphonix playing dj sets, representing Plusquam Records, and the ever present dj Nadi and Assaff, of Domo Records, spinning there will not be one minute of mediocre music on this night. Human Traffic is Mapusa Mapusa (Auricular, Fusi & Johnson) and dj Golkonda (Symphonix) who have not released much stuff but  their pedigree is undeniable. Their dj sets promise to be a showcase of the best music in the progressive scene. Not to be missed (but do not forget to go to the Climate Change march on Saturday  )

Saturday 11th November – Digital Tribe at The Coronet
Another excellent night with all 3 genres of the trance scene represented. In the progressive room there will be Perfect Stranger playing live from the Iboga Records crew. He has just released a great album and will no doubt play a storming live act and sj set. Accompanying him will be James Monroe, of Flying Rhino fame, and Hamish. In the main fullon room there will also be some great tunes with Cosmosis, Rinkadink and Frequalizer all playing live along with all the Alchemy records top djs. With Seb Taylor (Shakta) and Nova amongst others in the chillout area it will be a great night out.

Friday 16th December – Dream Temple at Jack’s Club
I just cannot wait for December to come around quick enough. The dream temple are going to bring 2 of the progressive scenes best acts. Reefer Decree are one of my all time favourite acts and Oliver always manages to produce the phatest beats along with the most magnificent atmospherics. He truly is a king of scene. Along with him is relative new boy Liquid Soul who has just released his first album already reviewed. The more I listen to the album the better it gets and I cannot wait to here him live. Along with them are the excellent DJ Nadi (Domo) and Hamish along with Bedouin. A night not to be missed I guarantee.


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