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Liquid Soul – Synthetic Vibes – Iboga Records

September 19, 2006

Once again Iboga has managed to release another brilliant progressive psy-trance album. Liquid Soul, from
Switzerland, started his project about two years ago with releases on labels like Plusquam, Blue Tunes, Domo and Iboga Records. These labels have managed to resist the push towards more and more progressive trance at the moment being influenced much more house beats with trance noises on top. Nicola, Liquid Soul, manages to ensure that the phat baselines that are the trademark of good progressive trance and the strong 4×4 rhythm will ensure maximum effect on the dancefloor. The array and choice of noises are also magnificent. All are new unreleased tracks except I get a Rush which was released on vinyl only a few months ago with a great Motion remix on the b-side

The album starts well with a slower introduction and continues to get more and more hectic with some enticing and absorbing sounds and rhythms. The sample in Crazy People as with so many vocal samples in trance these days adds nothing and takes away from what would be an excellent track. The album keeps hotting up saving the best for the second half of the album with Unannounced Portal and Capoccino certainly my favourite tracks of the album. Despite a few forays into sounds reminicient of his Eurotrance days the album is full of tracks that would grace any dancefloor with ease. He finishes with a great little chill out number to calm the senses again.

Rating – 8/10

Tracklist – to listen go to

  1. Synthetic Vibes
  2. Crazy People
  3. Escape
  4. The Source
  5. I get a Rush
  6. Unannounced Portal
  7. 6:15 am
  8. Capoccino
  9. Tagtraum