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Quotes for the Week

November 1, 2006

‘The Human mind treats a new idea the way the body treats a strange protein – it rejects it’ by Peter Medawar 

‘Thinking is more interesting than knowing’ by Goethe 

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, while Imagination circles the world’  by Albert Einstein


Indoor Skydiving

October 18, 2006

Over the weekend I got the chance to try this new sport which seems almost an anachronism for the term skydiving invokes jumping from a plane in open spaces and could not possibly be indoors. However thanks to new technology it is now possible to replicate the experience of freefall perfectly while never leaving the ground by more than 2/3 metres. I have been skydiving for almost 4 years now and have completed over 35 jumps in that time, which is pretty pitiful, and have been dying to try this since I first heard about it. And let me assure that this will not disappoint. The principle is that 2 huge fans push air around to track and they can adjust the speed of the air to simulate various conditions. The technology was developed for aerodynamics testing. The air is thrown round at anything from 130 mph to 180mph and you merely jump into its stream.

For those who have never leapt from a plane it will be a magical experience of flying or hovering for the first time and it like no other. My lovely girlfriend who was with me thoroughly enjoyed it and by the end of 2 minutes was able to fly unassisted and make turns which was an amazing sight. Our instructor told me that I would be able to go without his assistance and see how I did. When you enter the tunnel it is just like being a super hero. You kind of dive into the tunnel and go from standing it flying. It is surreal. For me the most interesting thing is that it added a whole new dimension to freefalling because you now had 3 dimensions in which to move in. Up until now in skydiving I have only jumped alone and so since you have nothing to fix against you can never get the sensation of moving up. In the tunnel however the freedom of movement is total. I quickly became stable and was able to explore he possibilities. After just 5 minutes I was able to fly happily at will around the tunnel. Fantastic.

I cannot recommend this enough. An experience that everyone should try


17 Facts that should change the world

October 5, 2006

  1. Every Cow in the European Union is subsidized by $2.5. That is more than 75% of what Africans have to live on
  2. More than 12000 women are killed every year in
    Russia as a result of Domestic violence
  3. Landmines kill or maim at least one person every hour
  4. Tiger Woods earns $148 every second
  5. People in industrialized countries eat between 6 and 7 kilograms of additives every year
  6. Cars kill 2 people every minute
  7. There are 67000 people employed in the lobbying industry in
    Washington – 125 for each elected member of congress
  8. More than 150 countries use torture
  9. A third of the world’s population is at war
  10. More people die each year committing suicide than from all the world’s armed conflict
  11. Ten languages die out every year
  12. Every week, an average of 88 children are expelled from American schools for bringing a gun to class
  13. America spends $10 billion on pornography every year – the same amount it spends on foreign aid
  14. There are 27 million slaves in the world
  15. The average Briton is caught on camera up to 300 times a day
  16. 120000 women and girls are trafficked into
    Western Europe every year
  17. The
    US owes the UN more than $1 billion in unpaid dues

All of these pacts were got from the book ’50 facts that should change the world’ by Jessica Williams.


Hello Blogosphere!

September 17, 2006

Here is the first post on my new blog. Look out for trance music news and mixes, photos, environmental activitism, sustainable electronics, philosophy, interesting tibits and alot more.